Shaykh Umer Khan

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Shaykh Umer Khan studied Islamic sciences at an advanced level with Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi, and graduated with the highest marks in his class in his formal Shahādah al-‘Ālimiyyah degree (License in Islamic Scholarship, i.e. ʻālim program) from Al-Salam Institute, authorized by Dar al-ʻUlūm Nadwat al-ʻUlamā', Lucknow, India. He also completed a Dars-e-Niẓāmī dawrah of the six canonical books of ḥadīth with Shaykh Uthman Khan. Shaykh Umer completed his iftā' (License to Give Islāmic Legal Verdicts, i.e. muftī program) from Darulifta Birmingham. Shaykh Umer has a Masters in Finance and another Masters in Islamic Finance.

Shaykh Umer teaches the Islamic sciences (ḥadīth, tafsīr, fiqh, qirā'āt, etc) through various institutes.